Thursday, August 21, 2008

I went to college, right?

So yesterday I went to "new teacher training" for my four month sub job. Always weird seeing as how the principal who was training me was MY principal in middle school and its really difficult to call him by his first name. I need to get over this pride issue about working back in the district that I was raised in.
But they made it a bit harder to get over, as both the principal and the vice principal kept making comments to me like, "You never got a detention, did you Ashley!" or "Ashley, you remember Officer Stang, our D.A.R.E. teacher?" while all of the other new teachers looked on, probably thinking in their head about what a big loooooooser I am for being back at my old school, AS A SUB. Teaching is really the only profession in which you risk working in the exact same environment in which you were raised.
My mom keeps telling me that this just must be where God wants me, and hey, who am I to argue with my Lord and Savior, but there is also a large part of me that blames my parents for my current circumstance in which I am forced to live at home for exactly 365 days. If it was up to my mom it would be longer... like a decade. Oy humbug.
Man, I am in a nice mood today. Lucky for all you readers. Hi Steph and Sarah!

Anyhoo, moving on, I am back at the marketing firm for two more mornings... sort of like A.M. kindergarten, which is funny. My old old old man boss was really happy that I was back, as I am Heidi to his Grandfather.
Last night I had an insane dream about a girl I work with turning into a serial killer and trying to slowly kill us all off one by one. It was a fairy graphic dream, and I think I should probably stop watching Monk right before I go to bed. It's a jungle out there.
My coffee tastes funny.
Also, I think I may be a lot snottier than I realized.

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Sarah Jean said...

but really, Ash, did you get a detention? Also, did you have a D.A.R.E. t-shirt? These are all very important things to discuss before going into your new job.

I think this job will be nice for you...I am very excited for you. Your mom is right (for once). This job is what God wants for you at this point in time. Yes, maybe he would have had something different for you had you decided to go against your parents' wishes and stayed up here with us, but that's not what you felt compelled to do. You obeyed your parents even when you were not legally obligated to, and that is something to respect (because you know I wouldn't have had the self-discipline to do that). You will be rewarded for your respect, whether it is on this earth or in Heaven. Enjoy those next few months....then come live with us in January ;-)