Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This One's For You Sarah Jean

So yesterday I had my first real teaching interview- the last one didn't count. We'll see. I spoke too fast (of course) but I answered the questions well and I smiled pretty, so I think I did my best. Now all I can do is pray. And find that other guy who interviewed right before me and bust his caps. I'm dignified like that.
Today is my last full day being Pam Beasley. I would claim I am sad, but I'm not. I was NOT made for an office job. My ADHD kicks into high gear when I'm forced to sit in front of a computer all day long. Yesterday i had footshakish-itis. Never good. My friend Amy here walks around the office at least once every forty minutes because she is afraid of getting "office butt". I don't want office butt either. What a terrible term. Ew.
This summer has been a summer in which I either could have crumbled and given up or pulled up my big-girl pants and grown. I have decisively done both in the last three months. Honestly, I can't believe its already been three months of being home.
Fall is coming soon, and that means apple cider and trick-or-treaters and football games and my birthday. Also, teaching. School supplies. Binders. Pencils erasers new paper.... it is my favorite time of year. Plus, fall is a precursor to Thanksgiving, and most of all, to Christmas. January is a depressing month because, 1, you have all of those New Year's Resolutions to break, and 2, there are no more fun holidays for months and all you have to look forward to is dirty snow and the craphole time of year that IS Valentine's Day, a holiday which I have somehow managed to become cursed by. February 14th is the most divisive holiday our nation knows. Up yours Saint Valentine.
Well I suppose I have something to file now.
Later gators. Or really, later Sarah.

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